The platform is gearing up for significant changes, with a focus on Reels, AI tools, and the resurgence of live streaming.

Dive into the 15 Instagram marketing trends our team anticipates will dominate in 2024.

  1. Instagram Doubles Down on Reels: The emphasis on Reels continues, with new features and extended video lengths. Discover how to incorporate short-form videos into your strategy in 2024.
  2. Threads’ Future Is Uncertain: Despite a strong start, Threads’ traffic has declined, leaving its future uncertain. Approach Threads cautiously and keep experimenting with your strategy.
  3. AI-generated Tools: The AI trend observed in 2023 is set to soar in 2024. Explore the possibilities of AI-generated content creation tools and stay tuned for potential rollouts.
  4. SEO Takes Center Stage: Strengthen your Instagram SEO strategy for enhanced discoverability. Learn from Instagram’s track record and explore ways to boost your visibility in 2024.
  5. Community > Following: Prioritize existing audiences with features like Close Friends and Broadcast Channels. Expect more engagement and a sense of community as creators focus on exclusive content.
  6. Link in Bio Tools: The link in your bio becomes even more valuable. Explore tools for influencers and brands to centralize important links and drive conversions.
  7. Brand Partnerships: Monetize your influence as Instagram increases incentives for brand partnerships. Explore Collabs, the Creator Marketplace, and affiliate tools to connect with brands.
  8. Photo Dumps Reign Supreme: Authenticity triumphs over curated perfection. Embrace the trend of sharing in-the-moment content through carousel posts for maximum engagement.
  9. Live Streaming Comes Back: Instagram Live makes a comeback in 2024 with enhanced features like Instagram Live Producer. Explore the potential for gaming, live music, and high-tech streams.
  10. Creator-inspired Content: Creators lead the way in storytelling. Brands are expected to draw inspiration from creators for a more organic and less promotional approach.
  11. Foodie Content: Instagram’s “feed” takes on a new meaning in 2024, with a potential surge in food-related content. Stay hungry for the latest trends.
  12. UGC Creators Rise Up: User-generated content creators gain prominence. Brands may invest in UGC creators for authentic content that drives sales and traffic.
  13. Video Memes: Video memes take center stage in 2024, offering a dynamic and engaging format. Schedule your video content with ease using tools like Later.
  14. Boosted Content: Boosted content gains popularity as Instagram scales back some e-commerce tools. Extend your reach and improve visibility through boosted spending.
  15. Brand Personalities: Brands adopt personalities on Instagram, with social media managers becoming the face of brands. Build a sense of community and encourage engagement with informal, chatty content.